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Cheapest Phone Sex Offer Debunked


It's a clever plot. Not exactly false advertising but misleading nonetheless.


It's designed to get you through the front door!


Here is how it works... It's a three steps process.


When you call the line, you are presented with a rather long preamble (welcoming message) showcasing cheap phone sex. As the recording begins, it quickly mentions the following (first step):


The Bait:



"Live uncensored screening...." is the important part. What you need to know to understand how this particular "cheap phone sex" is formulated. For $0.29 you get to "screen" pre recorded messages, such as the one you have just heard, only a little longer... Nothing else...


The keyword here is "screening".


At $0.29, using a toll free number the company is paying for, there is no way they can make money. In fact, at that price they probably lose money. So they need to quickly move on the the second step which offers you the opportunity to listen into pre-recorded phone sex conversations.


The Tease:



Starting at $0.69 per minute, a pre-recorded convesation enables them to at least break even. But they not in this business to break even, nobody is so a third option is presented to the caller:


Live Phone Sex:



Now we're talking... A live 1 on 1 phone sex conversation with a girl (man/shemale). At $2 per minute a company can make a decent profit, stay in business and continue to provide a great service to its callers, whilst maintaining its workforce employed.


So you have the choice then:



There is a catch during the fist step. As you start listening in to the various messages, obviously the clock ticks. And by the time you realize that there is limited enjoyment to be whilst "screening" your bill may reflect a whole lot more than just $0.29 per minute.


This is exactly why we have been in business for so many years. Our customers know exactly what to expect and our cheap phone sex rates are easy to understand and not misleading in anyway!


Call us now TOLL FREE: 1-800-841-9842

Sessions are $1.99 per minute with a 5 minute minimum
Billed to your credit card.

No connection charges, no hidden fees, what you see is what you pay.




Call us now TOLL FREE: 1-800-841-9842


$1.99 per minute and you speak to a real woman.